what you eat

By Ximena Fajardo. I eat eggplants from Pakistan, milk from California, coffee from Colombia, chives from Guatemala, tomatoes from Mexico, olive oil from Spain, beef from Australia. In winter beautiful avocados from Chile. To get them on my China made plate and enjoy them in my Swedish made table,  Greek sailors passed through the Panama Canal on a ship made in Russia fueled by Iraqi and Yemeni oil bought by a Texan oil company. Paul, a nice Floridian kid of Cuban descent, ordered this food to my local supermarket using  the Internet with a program designed in India based on an MIT student’s algorithm. The math used to pay the cost of this whole operation that puts food on my plate is calculated in normal Arabic numerals done through a  Swiss bank account where a Nigerian clerk works under the tutelage of Mr. Lombard whose grandparents made their money from gold and diamond mines in Africa. Western countries buy food from eastern countries. Southern and northern countries feed each others winters. Western corn and wheat feed famine and war ravished countries. LET’S NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS US.

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