The Middle East sought freedom and found a world instead.

democracy's chorus

democracy’s chorus (Photo credit: howard.hall)

By. Ximena Fajardo.

The Middle East cried for freedom and independence and got avalanched when the doors flew open. In streamed pluralism, diversity, economic strife, globalization, the web, media, unknown and challenging beliefs and all kinds of new wonders.

Freedom and independence are not easy to practice coming from decades of autocratic governments where deviating from the norm, dissidence and freedom of speech has been met with punishment, torture and even death. Turmoil and chaos are a natural state in newly found independence.

Yet it is sad to see that radicals and self-proclaimed vigilantes have taken advantage of the situation of unrest and confusion to empower themselves.

The senseless outrageous  and violent  protests against that  disrespectful film “Innocence of Muslims” (which, by the way, represents  the view of one ridiculous man)  diverts the attention  from what is really at hand: rebuilding  these fledgling democracies, reinstalling civil rights, enabling liberties, stabilizing regional economy and commerce, opening new commercial trade, pursuing a unified humanity, cooperating for prosperity. It has been used as a smoke screen to rally around  and to divert those who would be inclined to speak up and  question still existing dictatorships or to uncover criminal atrocities committed by radicalism that include  purges, bigotry, violence against women, ethnic cleansing.  If these promising democracies close the door again and turn their backs to the world they will be isolated.

Intolerance is a plant that grows beautifully in isolation and becomes fodder to new dictatorships and dogmatic rule.

I just hope that the attention can be focused back to the “real” issues at hand so that these nations can build with the new tools that come from democracy. It would be in their greatest interest to pick and choose what it is they want to see grow in their backyards. Paying attention to what lies ahead might just keep them from walking straight into a hole.

Democracy is not flawless, we all know that, and is often paradoxical and oxymoronic  in that its defense of freedom allows for much nonsense. Yet it lets the people decide, choose their leaders, pursues equality, tolerance and justice for all.

There is a real opportunity to seize and help build the earth we all deserve to live in with a bright ­­­­­ Arab Spring.

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