I’ve been thinking…

By:Ximena Fajardo.

I’ve been thinking, what if the Bush like Republican Administration  would have just continued  for 4 more years , would we be better off today than with Obama?

Was the economy growing and were jobs being created in the hundred and stopped abruptly because Obama won and we just didn’t get to see this happen? Was the Financial and housing market crisis avoidable if we had only let them fix themselves in true free market style? Was the Department of Energy in 2009 on the brink of giving us a solution for fuel independency and alternative energy that they just didn’t have time to announce because Obama happened? Was the government on the threshold of bringing back the auto and other hurting industries if we kept the course? Was higher education about to become more affordable? Was private healthcare about to become “ über” cheap and preexisting conditions obsolete? Was outsourcing jobs about to stop unexpectedly and was Corporate America wealth about to trickle down?  Were we not going to see drought and climate change straining economic growth if Republicans would have won? Were the same policies of less government , less  administrative costs and tax cuts we were implementing then in the days of Bush about to fill Government coffers, diminish our deficit, deliver us from recession  and instinctively make a  U turn from the direction  we  were going?  And finally was our war spending about to make the world safer? Were we winning? Were we making more allies with our foreign policies? Were we able to afford  this  spending without getting our country into a deeper debt? Was using our soldiers for war a better defense strategy than to use them back home to rebuild America and make it stronger?  (Were we going to get better results than the Roman’s did when in the 5th century they faced similar circumstances?)

I’m just asking because from what I have heard lately from the Republican Party Obama is being blamed for everything from climate change to the Arab Spring.

I prefer to think that recovery takes time, strict measures and policies similar to those in Clinton’s days that left America enjoying an incredible budget surplus  much different from the ones that got us here. I prefer to think that none of us really new the problems were so big, not even Obama when he took office. That the magnitude of the Financial speculation debacle, housing crisis and the bills that came rushing in just as 2009 was wrapping up were so unprecedented that we were all taken into a whirlwind of emergency calls to prevent the Government from collapsing. I prefer to think that the real culprits that have contributed to this slow recovery are the “real state” of internal affairs inherited, the European recession, the Wars, international unrest,  changing global markets , climate change,  which have forced politicians and  economists to look for new strategies in order to survive this new territory. I prefer to believe that Corporate and rich America have actually also had a hard time reinventing themselves.

Because if this isn’t true. I definitely have a big problem with these questions!

I might begin to think that Republican Politicians in Congress have resorted to filibustering every initiative from this government’s recovery plan, not because they are against the policies themselves, but because they want this government to fail even if it means they have to sacrifice the average American.

I have a problem with these questions because they might give me the impression that during these 4 years Rich, Corporate and Financial America has catered to their greed hiding their wealth where they are not being taxed instead of investing in this country and creating jobs.

I have a huge problem with these questions because if someone is not giving their best in these times of need I might be inclined to think that we have been lied to.

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