…the guinea pig wheel to no where…

The “McDonalization ” of public school policies is creating a standardized production of students and teachers that comply with the “mold” , a production of batches by date of graduation that has taken away from the classroom innovation, creativity, the thrill of discovery and much of the fun. We are stripping children from the joy of learning.

Are schools confusing education with training? Are teachers put in straight jackets focused essentially on test results?Will the mis education of this generation have dire consequences if nothing is done?Is there an educational void in homes where both parents need to work and in schools that is being filled in by media ? Has Immediate gratification made us lazy? Has easy and superficial replaced profound and enlightening. Are we giving answers before there is time to investigate, infer or deduce? Is this standardization replacing the ability to develop critical thinking?

For a child or young adult now a days the skills he needs to become what he wants are in many cases acquired outside of the classroom.

We are lagging , we are not responding to these needs. We are not educating for the times we live in. we need change!

The education system is fragile like a card castle that might implode on itself if nothing is done.


What if:
Parents took time off from their busy schedules and played every day for a while with their kids things like card games, ball games ,strategy games, they danced, listened to music, read rhymes, turned off electronic devices, cared for a live plant or a pet, laughed, talked, shared with family and friends, enjoyed nature, discovered a passion in their child and shared in said passion…
Wouldn’t there be more happy confident children with higher self-esteem?

Would the odds change?

How can we start to make sense of massacres like the one in Newtown? In the past few weeks I’ve heard  heated remarks about the role parents and educators play in violence, pros and cons to gun restriction laws,  people advocating schools safety by arming teachers  and putting security checks  (like airport security) , communities demanding  government involvement, professionals weighing on mental health laws and child psychiatric medication regulations…

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