Single women bread winners

I find this article very interesting and agree that working women and especially single mothers in the US are in a distressed position compared with other sectors of the workforce, have a deficient support system,work for smaller wages, are more prone to bankruptcy, are most likely to live in poverty income levels, work more hours than other groups just to make ends meet and are basically on their own. The article is a comment on Sandberg’s “Lean In venture ” which leaves these single mother heads of family in a sort of “limbo” suggesting that success stories are made by women that leave their fears behind and “just jump” .This assumption is quite dangerous because it isn’t the only reason why so many mothers face such difficult obstacles. There are changes that need to be made to legislation , to the way our social structures are designed, to the child care system and the ability to work from home as well as to welfare and medical benefits system in place today . This is a conversation that should be on everyones mind if we want to help the millions of women affected and make it easier for them and their kids. The biggest inequality issues and discrimination problems in the 21 st century revolve around women rights.

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