Landscape architecture … A City Full Of Life

You can live in a city surrounded by cement or be part of the change. Be proactive. Just make some modifications. Grab a shovel, seeds or plants and start! Use your imagination. Plant a live wall or a vegetable window planter. Grow your roof, plant your terrace or help develop a community garden. Green is in town!

What Makes a Biophilic City?
landscape architecture, Joseph Clancy looks at what makes a city biophilic.

“In the ever increasingly urbanized, technology dependent world, humanity is becoming further and further estranged from nature. Our modern urban environments, devoid of nature, not only impact our value system of all things natural, but our mental and physical health as well, leading to nature deficit disorder in children, increased anxiety & stress, crime & obesity.
But what is the solution? Would greater interaction & immersion in nature realign our value systems with a sustainable world, while positively impacting upon our health?”


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