Little kids love classical music until grown ups tell them it is too complicated.

Ok, so you think classical music is boring. I get it. It makes you want to fall asleep.

What if you were a baby again and you heard a playful waltz by Chopin or the Carnival of the Animals by Saint- Sains or Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev …

You would probably be jumping up and down, dancing and babbling by the time any of those pieces ended.

If you don’t believe me try these songs with any infant.

Little kids love classical music until grown ups tell them its too complicated.

Give yourself a chance!

5 thoughts on “Little kids love classical music until grown ups tell them it is too complicated.

  1. I for one did not like it when I was growing up, and would rather listen to more trendy music, but with time have started to find the beauty in those pieces and rather have the mellow sounds of classical music instead of the stridency of pop. Kids nowadays are very smart and have more exposure toe everything than we ever did. Their thinking is more evolved.

    • Claudia, there are many factors that contribute to people of older generations not liking certain niche type music and you certainly have nailed the most important. Most people were not exposed to different music on a daily basis and furthermore the versions ( musicians) one could hear weren’t necessarily good. With internet and digital media it is much easier to listen to music from remote countries or look for great performers one can enjoy. On the other hand it was socially considered boring and kind of lame to listen to certain music before you were 30+. Most versions of classical pieces were done in only one style with disregard of the century and style they belonged to and this made some earlier pieces sound absolutely terrible. Advances in Early Music Performance, for example, have brought back life to many baroque, Renaissance and medieval music that need a lighter approach. Let us say you like Beyonce or latin singer Juan Luis Guerra. Imagine a song by them with all the runs and trills and rhythmic changes but performed by an opera singer. It would probably sound strange and heavy and would probably require the singer to go slower in order to fit runs and vibrato. I’ll put an example of two versions in “classical”music that sound so different one can hardly believe they are the same song . Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. This is another aria from the same piece Leontyne Pryce sings (Messiah by Haendel) sung by Early Music specialist Emma Kirkby. Although both versions are sung by top quality singers they sound very different This version is lighter, quicker and more angelic.

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