Math Sounds Like Music

… the rhythmic pitter patter of rain drops… a perfect circle drawn by a pebble dropped in a pond… the symmetry of leaves .

The universe “is written in the language of mathematics” Galileo Galilei .

Math is everywhere.

We find it in quantity, frequency, colors, angles and in the geometry of nature. Math smells delicious when you use the right amount of ingredients in a cake and then divide it between your friends. Math looks lovely in the proportions of art. It is seductive in the equilibrium of dance. It is creative when you feel the shape of a pencil in your hands or when you calculate distances so you don’t bump into things.It is amazing how the world: society, cities, traffic, eating, farming is all ruled by mathematical ideas.

But the most fascinating thing I can say about math is that Math sounds like music.

Frequency, notation , chords, keys, harmony, tonality, the laws of music follow beautiful mathematical series; specially, when driven by passion and emotion,  you drag a beat ever so slightly or accent one note and increase or decrease pressure to create volume change.

If we reveled in discovering math’s depth and beauty we could teach it in exciting ways that touched students instead of frightening or paralyzing them. We need not hear someone say anymore how lousy they think they are at math or how much they hate it because everyone is good at it (whether they know it or not) and use math daily without ever noticing how great they are.


Go to this interesting math blog I just found

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