… Headlines are giving me Frown lines (and Wrinkles)…

The news today responds to rating criteria as much as Soap Operas, Realities and cat fight Talk Shows.

These are some of the headlines for today: Kim Kardashian Picks Baby Names, A Snow Storm Hits Central US, Teenager’s Pro-Arms Video Gets 2.3 Million Hits, in the midst of immigration reform  The GOP Looks For Ways To Increase Minority Votes   And Hires Communication Specialists To Change “The Tone Not The Message” ( … hmm… they said it, not me… wow!), a Basketball Coach’s Wrath Goes Viral, Gun Laws And Budget Center Stage In Washington and of course Tensions Rise W­­­­­ith North Korea.

Tabloid Journalism has taken over traditional news with its sensationalism,violence, dirty little secrets , opinionated, fear generating, biased approach. Straight forward “objective” news has given in to this new trend. And in some respects they can’t really help it because as Jack Johnson’s song Cookie Jar  says

“Well “You can’t blame me”, says the media man
Well “I wasn’t the one who came up with the plan
I just point my camera at what the people want to see
Man it’s a two way mirror and you can’t blame me”…

…We only receive what we demand
And if we want hell then hells what well have…”

But not only is news being sugarcoated and aesthetically enhanced like the New Jersey Housewives or digitally enhanced to mimic video games, issues are being milked with the assistance of new technologies that respond to  real-time rating trend.You can view the same footage  over and over and over and over … from morning till midnight and watch “serious” newscasters repeat themselves to infinity and beyond  until  “he who calls the shots” watches the ratings go down and puts  them out of their misery. It’s actually painful to see these bright journalists buckling.

It used to be fun pitching ideas at the a.m. editorial staff meeting with your hands warmly wrapped around a cup of coffee surrounded by other journalist.  Now a days these meetings sound more like water cooler office gossip and usually include more marketing and Ad specialists calling the shots . Prominence to important and relevant objective news has given way  to “ Oh my god, really?” criterion .

Fabricated Hollywood embellished clips are distorting reality in such a way people don’t really know anymore what is real and what isn’t.


NPR PODCAST Inside North Korea, No Obvious Signs Of Crisis by Louisa Lim

There’s crisis in the US Congress and in the financial state of our affairs that need to be dealt with responsibly yet we are bombarded with banalities and smokescreen  fear tactics (Wag the Dog distraction phenomenon effect). Now that same ol’ dog   has come to bite our hand and has escalated into a real threat. You have now officially convinced North Korea there is danger

Beware of gossip  cause you might make it become true!I  hope Media and government  stop shouting wolf ( or dog)  cause we might just end up caught up in the fairytale.

4 thoughts on “… Headlines are giving me Frown lines (and Wrinkles)…

  1. That is why every week we see a new magazine cover with one of the Kardashians and it seems that people are more obsessed with the everyday tantrums thrown by the Kardashians or Octomom. Try to have a conversation about current events with one of your acquaintances, and they do not even watch the real news or now what is happening in the world, unless they are obsessed with listening to the misinformation channels non stop like Fox, but they sure know everything about the characters above.

    • Very true!. By the way it is frowned upon to speak about politics or economics. In many work places it is even forbidden . But you can talk all you want about the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan or a politician’s personal love indiscretions.

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