What’s Eating The World

Biotech companies started out a long time ago with a promise of hope making plague resistant super-seeds  that would ultimately defeat hunger and feed an ever increasing population. We were bombarded at school, on TV, in the News with Adds like these commercials from Monsato:

But there is another side of the story grimmer, murkier and outright deadly.


Biotech companies have donated billions of dollars to political campaigns throughout the years to insure US and International government approval for their products bypassing safety regulations, in-depth health research and environmental laws. Their grip has infected legislation everywhere and infiltrated most Free Trade Agreements. There is serious  GMO (genetically modified organisms) and GMS ( genetically modified seeds) dumping in third world countries that threatens food supplies everywhere . With the Wikileaks scandal many of these plots were uncovered

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It’s not surprising that Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer and Dow want to maintain and expand their control of the $15 billion global biotech seed market, but it’s appalling that the State Department is complicit in supporting their goals despite public and government opposition in several countries,” Ronnie Cummins, executive director of Organic Consumers Association, said in a recent  press release.

Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter told reporters “The US Department of State is selling seeds instead of democracy a handful of giant biotechnology companies are unduly influencing US foreign policy and undermining our diplomatic efforts to promote security, international development and transparency worldwide”…

Widespread protests in Europe are bringing to the forefront the much needed debate against genetically modified seeds (GMS) which endanger life as we know it. Biotech seeds have driven conventional and organic seeds to near extinction, putting food diversity in peril.  An epidemic of “superweeds” and “superinsects”  have evolved to overcome these GM seeds  forcing farmers to use dangerous doses of pesticides on their crops. Farmers worldwide have been forced by lawsuits from Biotech companies to destroy their own organic bio diverse seeds and  buy these GM seeds each year. Cancer producing toxics have been injected to cows to make them produce more milk, chemicals have been injected to all kinds of farmed animals to make them bigger with deadly side effects for humans.

If you would like to know more about these issues watch these interesting videos:


Monsanto (Biotech) Industry owns 90% of crop seeds worldwide and is also the largest producer of glyphosate herbicide. Its Growth Hormone products which have been used systematically for decades are now known to produce cancer.





Effects of GM seeds in Colombia with the new Free Trade Agreement. Important to watch!!


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