Can We Handle The “Truth’s” Consequences?

With the Wikileakes and N.S.A. scandals the United States world leadership has been questioned and dealt a big punch.

Today I read the following headline:

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff postponed a state visit to the U.S. to protest an American spy program that has aggressively targeted the Latin American nation’s government and private citizens alike.”   CBS News.

It’s not surprising that  friendly nations , close allies , neutral or even antagonistic regimes have already taken advantage of the recent  “leak scandals”  (Snowden, Wikileakes) undermining  and criticizing US’s foreign policies, US moral standing and international leadership.

These  countries big or small can  try to throw the first stone and  wag their finger but definitely not out of righteousness. That is for certain! The point being, all these manifestations of indignation are proliferating only because they themselves aren’t in the eye of the scandal, whilst the US has been caught with their hands inside the cookie jar.

ALL GOVERNMENTS AND ORGANIZED POWER STRUCTURES use classified information, deal in secrecy, have hidden agendas and definitely have dirty dishes they don’t want everyone to know about. But many of these nations have escaped these “techno – IT – Internet scandals” just because they use old school traditional intelligence methods such as oppressive regimes, infiltration, torture, peer to peer spying.

From ancient Troy to modern satellite surveillance, insider information has given an edge to the outcome of events; secret government agendas as well as a whole spectrum of leaks  in the past have had real impact on world history from independence to revolts, to take overs, to imperialism to the fall of empires.

I am not a big fan of secrecy, spying or hypocrisy but what I do know is that when you try to topple down one massive building there typically are plenty struggling to replace it. Usually the ‘wannabes”or “runner ups” are eager to help see the old structures fall giving all kinds of dignified reasons and moral excuses.

I know that all I’ve said is pretty evident but it invites some questions we should all be asking:

Who will profit and get to have the new tallest building a.k.a. world leadership if we wreck world balance as it is now?

Would you like to live in a world with that type of leadership?

What is the agenda of those trying to seize world leadership?

Do these governments have oppressive governments or are they democratic, do they respect personal freedom, encourage free thinking, free speech, tolerance, freedom of religion, gender equality, social equality,  art, creativity, education, justice for all?

Are these “leaders in the making” self-sufficient or do they have overpopulation, scarcity and need to expand  their frontiers or influence to succeed?

Are they environmentally friendly?

What is their moral compass?

What is their idiosyncrasy regarding “doing business”?

Are they conservative, liberal, are they gamblers?

Do they practice compassion, solidarity?

Do they encourage their young or do they oppress them?

Do they segregate, divide, practice discrimination against others?

Assange  and Snowden have  launched a crusade  of activists that say information should be free and that hidden agendas in government affairs are directly against the interests of those who are   governed. Media has jumped at the scandal making big profit.

There definitely is some good coming out of the revealed leaks disclosing abusive behavior and speculation from  big banks, multi-national companies and governments and I am a big defender of freedom of speech and honesty.

Yet if like me you have all these questions running around in your mind, look closely at the impact the information – technology revolution has had in the dissemination of data and gossip which is presently much more wide spread than in any other time of history and put it together with how things might play out. Look deeply and honestly into the concepts of secrecy and confidentiality. Ask if they are one and the same and if we have a right to keep some things to ourselves or not.

This is why I ask:

Can we handle the “truth’s” consequences?



2 thoughts on “Can We Handle The “Truth’s” Consequences?

  1. Concidentially I am preparing class to discuss Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. A relevant question to ask ourselves would be, is the US an oppressor state? Just looking at George W Bush presidential decisions can give us valuable clues. Analyzing Obama’s impulsive decisons on Syria may also help. So let me quote Freire, Chapter 1: “more and more the oppressors are using science and technology as unquestionably powerful instruments for their purpose: the maintenance of the oppressive order through manipulation and repression”. President Dilma Rousseff is probably acting in agreement with her fellow country man

    • That is precisely the question Miguel.So are we moving toward more repressive, big brother like states? Do we as “the governed” have the right to know national security issues? Are there national security issues that need to remain confidential or do we risk not being able to hold our governments accountable? What are the consequences of technology hacked leaks in international affairs? Is the information helping to find new ways to build relations or is it making everyone paranoid and combative? Through history we have seen how knowledge and information affect results, treaties, revolutions, peace agreements. But content isn’t the only important aspect of information impacting history, time of delivery and how it is delivered also play a key role

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