ultimate sandwichBy Ximena Fajardo.

At three everything is new and surprising. You put on green, yellow, blue  spectacles, try binoculars or use a magnifying glass and the world changes … you think a piece of bread spread with butter is culinary art.

At Xapentia we’ll look here and there and take a journey without a map… we’ll put one foot in front of the other and sometimes a foot in our mouth. Now and then we’ll look ahead to see where we’re going or be fascinated with a bird in flight get distracted and  fall head first into a pothole. We’ll listen, talk, feel, smell, enjoy, share and perceive. Every so often we’ll find comfort looking back at where we came from and what we already know pretending there lies the truth and direction to what is to come and yes, we shall crash many times.

We’ll savor every step and try to live in the present  … why, when , what, who, how, all questions  will drive us forth.

looking at the world through GREEN SPECTACLES

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