What’s Eating The World

Biotech companies started out a long time ago with a promise of hope making plague resistant super-seeds  that would ultimately defeat hunger and feed an ever increasing population. We were bombarded at school, on TV, in the News with Adds like these commercials from Monsato: But there is another side of the story grimmer, murkier […]

Singing Plants

I always wondered what attracted me so deeply to plants . As a confessed tree hugger I must say not only do they bring me joy but I can’t live without them. I need plants around me like other people need the sun. When deprived of lush green I get anxious . Since I was […]

Fair Trade gift websites

The rush of the holidays leaves many people with the ambiguous sensation of wanting to experience something more family oriented and meaningful yet also being able to give whole heartedly without succumbing to the holiday gift buying frenzy. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some sites that might actually help you […]

Kamkwamba harnessing not only the power of wind but the power of intention

http://hhttp://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/williamkamkwamba/ A book to read and discover the magic of possibilities . Xapientia feels it is important to encourage possitive news and shift attention to people that are being the change they want to see in the world. Innovators , “imaginators” are taking it into their hands to break the rules and get things done. […]