Single women bread winners

I find this article very interesting and agree that working women and especially single mothers in the US are in a distressed position compared with other sectors of the workforce, have a deficient support system,work for smaller wages, are more prone to bankruptcy, are most likely to live in poverty income levels, work more hours […]

One billion Rising

              The Biggest Mass Global Action To End Violence Against Women & Girls In The History Of Humankind       One Billion Rising is the beginning of the new world ignited by a new energy. It is not the end of a struggle but the escalation of it. […]

Spandex politics and the rule of exceptional

Many countries are going through violent times, social unrest, economic frailty and political skepticism. We are told that “real change” in politics and government is impossible and that it is “idealistic” to think that anything can be done differently. All the “isms”: communism, socialism, radicalism, left, right, dictatorships, monarchies are getting old and arthritic. Here […]