Can We Handle The “Truth’s” Consequences?

With the Wikileakes and N.S.A. scandals the United States world leadership has been questioned and dealt a big punch. Today I read the following headline: “Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff postponed a state visit to the U.S. to protest an American spy program that has aggressively targeted the Latin American nation’s government and private citizens alike.”   […]

What’s Eating The World

Biotech companies started out a long time ago with a promise of hope making plague resistant super-seeds  that would ultimately defeat hunger and feed an ever increasing population. We were bombarded at school, on TV, in the News with Adds like these commercials from Monsato: But there is another side of the story grimmer, murkier […]

Spandex politics and the rule of exceptional

Many countries are going through violent times, social unrest, economic frailty and political skepticism. We are told that “real change” in politics and government is impossible and that it is “idealistic” to think that anything can be done differently. All the “isms”: communism, socialism, radicalism, left, right, dictatorships, monarchies are getting old and arthritic. Here […]

The Chameleon or Gov. Romney?

By Ximena Fajardo.   The Chameleon or Gov. Romney? Chameleon: highly specialized clade of lizards that have the ability to change color, “camouflage” its presence to blend in with its surroundings. Mitt Romney has changed his story so many times I have lost track. But now Gov. Romney really needs my vote so he has […]

“25 birds killed”

By Ximena Fajardo. I’m thinking about the Keystone XL Pipeline. I am imagining the process of building it over and under cities across the whole US and thinking about who truly benefits from it. Why bring from such a long distance oil that has so much tar and sand if only 1/3 of it can […]