HBR “The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems”

Great article from Harvard Business Review my daughter just pointed out to me. I agree that when we  work towards transforming Big Problems into meaningful solutions we are “the happiest”. The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems by Rosabeth Moss Kanter  |   9:00 AM April 10, 2013 Lurking behind the question of jobs — whether […]

Math Sounds Like Music

… the rhythmic pitter patter of rain drops… a perfect circle drawn by a pebble dropped in a pond… the symmetry of leaves . The universe “is written in the language of mathematics” Galileo Galilei . Math is everywhere. We find it in quantity, frequency, colors, angles and in the geometry of nature. Math smells […]

I don’t know what I don’t know

  As we get older we start appreciating the fact that we don’t know it all and it is thrilling. Even when we have heard something a thousand times listening to it again becomes a treat, like savoring homemade food because it might just be what we need that precise moment. The wisdom behind the […]