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By Ximena Fajardo. Let’s say you believe in green energy. You believe in conservation . You think education is essential for progress. Maybe you think everyone has a right to healthcare. Maybe you believe government should strive to protect the most vulnerable. You might think it is important to uphold solidarity and tolerance. Maybe you beleive in the greater good above your own personal gain. Maybe you believe in being responsible . Maybe you believe humanism, pacifism, wellbeing ,sharing love respect are imperative to have any future at all. Maybe you believe in rights for all. Maybe you accept the duties of living in community.

2 thoughts on “what’s up … the world , politics and more

  1. I am amazed at this story I’ve been reading in FACEBOOK about the lazy homeless guy…

    For those of you out there that think people who are homeless or unemployed are leeches of society and are actually out of work because they kind of deserve it, are lazy and it is as easy as getting a job. TRY IT!!! Try unemployment and see how many friends you end up with over time and how many people open the doors of “opportunity” or go out of their way to help you. I’m not saying people won’t help . In the beginning you might receive it from altruistic neighbors family and friends but after sometime they will not pick up the phone. Try economic hardship because someone in your family got sick and you went broke. Try getting work after your company downsized, you are incapacitated , over 50, an immigrant, look different or ethnic or have served in the army. Put your hand on your heart and tell me how many times you have given your mowing contract to the bearded weird looking guy that knocks on your door and gotten rid of your usual landscaping person.There are too many variables that contribute to poverty,unemployment and homelessness. It would be like saying that children in poverty pocket schools do poorly because they are uncaring and that people go hungry because they just don’t eat!… with this kind of strange logic we could quote Marie Antoinette when speaking about the hungry crowds in France and their lack of bread “Let them Eat Cake” .

  2. “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand”. PAUL RYAN

    These words were spoken at the meeting of The Atlas Society, a society that promotes Randian philosophy, at Ayn Rand’s 100th birthday celebration. In 2003 Ryan Paul told the ‘Weekly Standard’ that he gives out copies of “Atlas Shrugged” for Christmas presents and asks his interns to read it.

    Ronald Reagan;Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI); Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX); his son Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY); and former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford have admitted to be influenced by Rand in their political and economic policies.

    What is Ayn Rand Objectivist philosophy in a nutshell ?

    Objectivism states that there’s no such thing as society – everyone must look out only for themselves. Remove your “guilt” for being uncaring and selfish. Liberate yourself from the sufferings of others, even your own children or grandchildren. Self-interest is the only moral required for life, ‘Altruism’ is an “evil force”. Objectivism shares a disgust with everything it views as disfiguring or disabling. The world is divided into a contest between ‘moochers’ and ‘producers,’ with a select group making up the “producers” , generally composed of the spectacularly wealthy, the successful, and the titans of industry.”. This system pits one man against another so that the few can prosper. It states that taxes should be voluntary.
    Objectivism states regulation of industry and government provision for roads or other infrastructure , should be opposed as should be: welfare, insurance, unemployment, support for the poor and the middle classes and Unions. They are the “moochers” the “parasites” of society and will bring us all down.
    Nuclear weapons are an eloquent example of self interest and a tribute to free enterprise.”
    Rand participated in the McCarthy era House Un-American Activities Hearings. Her book Atlas Shrugged is bursting with parables of ‘parasites,’ ‘looters’ and ‘moochers’ saying that these “unsuccessful use the levers of government to steal the fruits of the “ wealthy and successful heroes” labor.( She is referring to those on welfare, unemployment etc …however it is noteworthy to acknowledge that , Rand herself received Social Security payments and Medicare benefits under the name of Ann O’Connor since her husband was Frank O’Connor).

    During the 1940’s and 50’s Ayn Rand attracted to her ‘Objectivist’ philosophy a number of people such as Alan Greenspan who was to become the recent Federal Reserve Chairman.With ex Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan she co-wrote articles defending no need for regulations of business or banks– even builders or Big Pharma . According to this premise ‘the “greed” of the businessman or, more appropriately, his profit-seeking … is the unexcelled protector of the consumer.’ As for bankers, their need to win the trust of their clients guarantees that they will act with honour and integrity. Unregulated capitalism, he maintains, is a ‘superlatively moral system.” Ayn Rand states that unbridled industrialists operating in a totally unregulated free market capitalist model would be the salvation of man.

    Somehow new followers have managed to transform this “objective”doctrine into a god given right saying it is “christian”and patriotic. We have all seen the consequences of this in these last few decades with Wall Street, the banks, hedge funds, the housing market etc. These new followers have managed to associate Jesus Christ’s name with a philosophy based on greed and intolerance for those in need. They have demonized unions, welfare, social security, regulations and social empathy . The poor , the week, the middle classes or those who are “different”do not make the cut. These followers want us to believe that we have no responsibility towards our kids and grandchildren or towards the environment. They want us to think we have no responsibility to create a better world, a world without debt, with environmental sustainability , with equality for minorities, women and that vast majority that doesn’t make it to the top. Since Reagan the GOP has gradually backed laws and sponsored bills that discourage ALL UNIONS and the Social Safety Net. It is a shame because many of the great Republicans of the past were caring and mindful of those in need and defenders of the greater good. The forefathers that created this country envisioned a State of equal rights, opportunities, individual liberties and responsibility. A nation of hope and caring. I believe that people of faith as well as those who seek humanism and value altruism as a natural instinct of mankind should speak out . It is not about Political Parties.

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